Political Healthcare Propaganda

We are all familiar with political healthcare propaganda; namely, the deliberate selection and repetitive use of certain words and phrases to mold distorted ideas about healthcare reality for political gain.  It is widespread, especially when politicians are trying to sway opinion polls or need a platform to rile American voters.

political healthcare propagandaLet me give you just three examples of political healthcare propaganda below.

  • Obamacare is a failure because insurance companies are withdrawing from the Health Insurance Marketplaces
  • Medicaid is a failure because doctors and hospitals do not accept it.
  • .Anything (like Medicare and Medicaid) the government does is managed very poorly and loaded with waste, fraud, and abuse.

Each of these statements about healthcare is inaccurate and are spread to forward a political party’s healthcare agenda.  Many Americans have heard them so often that they believe them to be true. The thing I dislike most about political healthcare propaganda is that simply by repeating it over and over again in various public forums, the American public starts to take it as gospel. I hear Americans parroting these statements constantly without having the foggiest idea whether they are true or false and, sadly, not even caring it they are. This political healthcare propaganda has become imprinted into peoples’ minds crowding out our ability to critically think beyond it for our own good.

When we let politicians lead us by the nose with political healthcare propaganda, we can expect to see healthcare benefits and affordability follow their political agendas and not serve what is best for us. Although one political party doesn’t have a monopoly on political healthcare propaganda, the Republicans have been particularly heavy-handed in its use since the passage of Obamacare (PPACA) in 2010. The Republicans’ desire to squash it at all costs over the past seven years has brought us to the mess we have today.

Why We Need to See Through Political Healthcare Propaganda

Political healthcare propaganda is targeting Obamacare (PPACA) affordability and quality efforts currently underway.  Many of these efforts are currently underway within the Medicare program (e.g., within the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)) where the majority of affordability and quality improvements originate for application across the entire American healthcare system.  These efforts benefit the American people and need to be protected against politicians who vote to benefit moneyed interests over what is best for us.

Political healthcare propaganda distracts us as politicians and political appointees work behind the scenes to destroy American healthcare benefits. Americans need to recognize political healthcare propaganda for what it is; namely, the politicians’ tool to sway the American people to a political party agenda even when it is false.

The first step to countering political healthcare propaganda is to step back mentally from any statement made by a politician and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this statement true (if it makes sweeping generalizations, it probably is not)?
  • Who wants me to believe this statement and who will benefit financially if I vote with the political party that forwards this statement?
  • What additional questions should I be asking my politicians to get to the truth?

Every time I hear or see an example of political healthcare propaganda, I will write a post to analyze it. If you have an example that is particularly irksome to you, feel free to send it to me and I will consider including it in a post. Be vigilant in the meantime because getting Affordable (Quality) Healthcare and Beyond for ALL Americans depends upon it.

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