About me

BBfull This blog is written by one person–BB Smithe (a pseudonym) who represents the individual American and stands up to rally a community of like-minded individual Americans across the country through action. My message is straightforward and non-partisan and totally geared to the individual American. Thanks to the Internet, I can put my message out for all to see, digest for themselves, and if moved to act, do so as a group of individuals. As you read my blog, it will become apparent to you that I am presenting material that steps on a lot of entrenched and powerful toes when I advocate for Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans. I am definitely “outside” looking in. Splashing my picture on the web didn’t seem like a good idea, so BB, my online avatar stand-in, was created.

The details of my life are very much secondary to my blog message which centers on mobilizing individual Americans for Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans. For those looking for the person behind BB, I’ll share a few tidbits about myself. I am an engineer by education, and have held many jobs in industry and education. I am a wife, mother, and a proud American who is concerned about the personal and economic future of our children and children’s children. I am a baby boomer–therefore I am old enough to remember events in the 1960s and young enough to be thinking about starting a new career.

A couple of years ago, I found myself involved with the medical and elder care of several family members and was appalled at what I observed. The message you see took over a year to refine and is in a constant state of evolution. I am fed up with the fact that special interests have become more powerful than the individual Americans who make up the United States electorate. I am financing my blog on my own for now and I hope to find a way soon to generate some income on the Internet to support my writing.

I am not an expert in health care. I am not an expert in the insurance industry. I am not an expert on government policy. Many of the ideas you will find on this blog have been reported in many other places (usually more eloquently) as expected from a topic that affects every American in one way or another, is grossly in need of reform, and has so much money attached to it. Our government generates many documents, but little action that benefits the individual American. These documents are written for the groups who are in power and not for the individual American. The individual American is often written ABOUT but rarely written TO. My blog is always written TO the individual American and with his interests in mind. You will find this “BB Viewpoint” unique and I hope it will resonate with you.

Individual Americans have a lot to contribute in the area of health care reform and my voice represents just one. It is my mission to unite us into the “Brigade”–a group that is bigger than any of the individuals who comprise it. I am not the leader of the brigade, but simply the person who serves to ignite the spark for action.