Who Needs A Healthcare Brigade for Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans?

Who-Are-WeWho are BB’s Healthcare Brigade Members?

BB’s Healthcare Brigade is made up of individual Americans.  We lead busy lives and have historically ceded the power and control over our health care to members of HICUP (BB Brigade acronym for those who are engaged in the “business of health care” in the USA). This disconnect has left us with a healthcare system that serves businesses before us. We are people who work hard to support ourselves, are possibly retired or unemployed, take care of our families, interact with our neighbors and friends, and basically live our lives day to day. We experience joy and heartache, financial success and hardships, hope and despair…average lives. We represent many diverse groups of Americans:

  • We are the “haves” who, while being fortunate to have excellent subsidized health insurance today, understand that the spiraling costs of health care in our country are not sustainable. As costs continue to rise above the cost of living, our “protected” benefits erode away.
  • We are the healthy who understand a major illness and large health care bills can happen to anyone at any moment.
  • We are the elderly, who even with a lifetime of savings, can become bankrupt from long term nursing home expenses
  • We are the young who in our lifetimes will be paying a far greater price for the lack of Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans than will those from earlier generations when health insurance was more generous.
  • We are the “have-nots” who, because of sickness and/or lack of affordable health insurance have to make choices between buying health care and buying other necessities of life. We do not ask for coddling, but rather access to the knowledge and support we need to be part of the equation for affordable health care for all Americans.
  • We are Americans who are employed and depend on our livelihood in the medical/health insurance industry but we realize that a healthcare system that funnels more and more money into the “business” and not the “practice” of health care is not sustainable. We see the nonproductive inefficiencies more than those who are not insiders. We know that in the end, we will be better off in a reformed industry.

Many of the Americans I have described above will be frightened by some of the changes that Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans might bring. This is natural. If we have learned anything from the technological changes that have occurred in the past decades, it is that fear of change does not stop it—it only keeps us from preparing adequately for it. “Affordable” health care means decreasing the free flow of money that has created and sustained the complex (and inefficient) labyrinth of private companies that presently profit in environments that are far from free market conditions. If healthcare reform comes to pass, many incomes and bonuses will come down to earth, fancy buildings subsidized with taxpayer monies will become simpler, and inefficient jobs will be lost.

This is nothing new to the Americans who are employed in other industries.  They have faced this disruption repeatedly in the decades since global economic pressures dictated that only the lowest cost, highest quality producer survived. Workers in a streamlined healthcare industry will adapt. Eliminating redundant and inefficient jobs will only serve to strengthen the whole healthcare industry in the long term. The money, we as a nation save, will be used to create new jobs in areas of our economy that provide economic growth and prosperity for all. Some inefficient and noncompetitive companies may go bankrupt if our government embarks on a cost reduction that makes health care affordable for all Americans.  Culling the inefficient is the result of our capitalistic system.

In this blog, you will not be labeled or judged according to how much you have in your bank account, what neighborhood you live in, by the color of your skin, your politics, or your religion. I consider all that NOISE that distracts from our mission.   Each of us brings our own unique talents to our cause. A quality and efficient healthcare system will strengthen our democratic system for long term economic and personal well-being for all. A Brigade member is someone who wants and works to make this happen.

What can BB’s Healthcare Brigade do?

Healthcare experts, government policymakers, and healthcare industry special interests are constantly telling us that we are not equipped to understand the workings of our healthcare system let alone provide fresh reform ideas. I am here to tell you that this is BUNK! They use the tools of medical jargon, layers of bureaucracy, and mountains of unnecessary documentation and regulation to keep us away from the healthcare policy table where decisions are being formulated. This complex health care system they created over the past 50+ years IS NOT a impenetrable fortress of perfection–it IS the problem.

Our contribution to bringing Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans rests on our ability to look beyond the fine details of our flawed healthcare system. I, for one, do not care to micromanage these details–our government already employs more people to do this than we need. Micromanaging and compartmentalizing a flawed complex system without incorporating common sense, big picture solutions is what has gotten us to this unaffordable and less than “best” healthcare system we have today.

Bottom Line

Who needs a healthcare brigade? We all do!  You do not have to think exactly like me or anyone else. This is America. Am I worried that we will never come together as a group? No. We might disagree on the details, but I have faith in the individual American wanting Affordable Health Care and Beyond for ALL Americans. I truly believe that what is good for our society as a whole is good for me as an individual. We, the individual Americans, should not have to worry about paying for basic and essential health care. We, the individual Americans, should not have to forego basic and essential health care because it is unavailable or unaffordable.

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